Ultra-seeing Film Series: The Mandala Pattern

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Sunday May 21

2:00 PM  –  3:00 PM

Each hour-long session will bring together major works from the rich collection of Light Cone, a French organization dedicated to the diffusion and conservation of experimental cinema, and contemporary productions from local and international artists.

Free admission with RSVP.  

COLOURS by collectif NOMINOË (France). Audio-Visual Installation for four16mm projectors and panoramic sound system
ALLURES by Jordan BELSON (USA). 1961 / 16 mm / color / sound / 7'

LAPIS by James WHITNEY (USA). 1963-1966 / 16 mm / color / sound / 10'
EASTER MORNING by Bruce CONNER (USA) Music: “In C” by Terry RILEY. Video / color / sound / 10’
#3 by Joost REKVELD. 1994 /16mm / color / silent / 4’
Live performance by Martin BACK (USA)

This event is presented in conjunction with SOLUNA International Music & Arts Festival.